Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement (1st Gen)

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Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement (1st Gen) This 100% OEM Lenovo X1 Carbon keyboard key replacement offers perfect fit and finish, it seems there are 2 versions of this keyboard on the market, please…

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Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement (1st Gen)

This 100% OEM Lenovo X1 Carbon keyboard key replacement offers perfect fit and finish, it seems there are 2 versions of this keyboard on the market, please compare the picture below as you will need to fill in this info in STEP 2 above. 

Each Keyboard Key Kit Includes: Key Cap | Hinge Clip | Silicone Cup

  • 100% Factory Original
  • Brand NEW
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Free Exchange Policy
  • Hassle Free Return
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a proud American company since 2005. All of our products are packaged and shipped from Orange County, Ca.

1. Identify Hinge Clip Style

The hinge clip is the plastic scissor clip that swivels up and down underneath the keyboard key cap. It is usually either black or white and functions as the part that holds the back of he key to the keyboard.

Manufacturers often use different keyboard vendors during production and each vendor has its own unique type of hinge clip. Compare the chart and identify the version that matches. You will fill this info in Step 2 above.

Hinge Clips are not Universal so if your hinge clip does not match, please Contact Us for help.
Regular Key: A B C & 1 2 3
Large Key: Caps Enter
Small Key: Esc F1 F2
2. Confirm Keyboard Layout and Language

Below is an actual picture of the keyboard. Please confirm that the layout matches as well as the language.

NOTE:The default color of the keyboard we show is black. If your model comes in different colors and we have it in stock, it will be available in the color section above.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Our standard keyboard layout is QWERTY (shown below). If you have a different language layout the key cap and hinge clips are still interchangeable. If the key cap shape does not match or you require a different language layout please contact us before ordering.

Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement


31 Reviews


    Posted by Moshe Bar on 26th Jun 2021

    Shipping very very expensive for a very small package.

  • i already recomnended it to colleagues

    Posted by Marco on 27th Feb 2021

    Very easy instalation. I recommend this product. Fast shipment also. Great solution and great service

  • Replacement key - Lenovo

    Posted by Steve Purvis on 9th Jun 2020

    Worked perfectly

  • Replacement key

    Posted by Jose Cardona on 3rd Jun 2019

    Almost everything fine I have to use the original key that fixed better than the new one.

  • Lenovo Carbon X1 Replacement Key

    Posted by Donna N. on 24th May 2019

    Even my IT department was not willing to tackle replacing this laptop key. Luckily, I didn't need to replace the plastic connectors underneath, only the key itself, from which one of the clips was broken off. All I had to do was snap the replacement key on from the bottom up. It took less than a second and fit perfectly. So glad this service exists. I can't speak to how it might have worked if I had to replace the connectors underneath (which they included with the key), but I am absolutely pleased with the replacement key and it worked like a charm.

  • the u key

    Posted by ron stone on 29th Apr 2019

    key clip was busted. replacement even came with the base

  • Shift key Replacement

    Posted by luke on 29th Mar 2019

    Good price, arrived faster then expected, came with everything needed. 100% satisfied

  • Excellent condition - procedure can be difficult, requires care

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2019

    Purchased a used X1 carbon gen 1 a few months with a damaged butterfly under the 1 key. Purchased this replacement (type IC49) and all parts were included in excellent condition (key, butterfly, bubble thingy). However, the repair process is a bit tricky. Be very careful to remove the key components from the keyboard properly, to avoid damaging something that isn't already. For the one key this involves gently prying from the TOP side of the key, since the latching (oneway?) connections are at the bottom. Additionally, with the new butterfly installed, I noticed that it very easily came dismounted from the different leverages that the key can apply. Be very careful that the metal retaining clips holding the butterfly in place are not damaged in this process, or if they are deformed, VERY gently use a fine metal tool to push them back into place; avoid destroying them through excessive deformation or fatigue. There are three pairs of metal clips to pay attention, the one way clips on the bottom side of the butterfly, the snap ins on the top side, and some additional retaining features contacting the very top edge of the butterfly which I had to fiddle with a bit to get the right snug fit. Overall, good purchase, just be sure you have some time and a careful hand to lend to this process.


    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2018

    They keys fit my laptop perfectly and they arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Good as the original

    Posted by FA on 16th Jun 2018

    As per title

X1 Carbon Laptop Key Replacement (1st Gen)

Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement (1st Gen)

Euro $5.55
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