Finding The Correct Key Replacement:

  1. Why are there more than one version of the keyboard hinge clip?

    Manufactures often use different keyboard vendors during the production run of a laptop model, and because of this the keyboard
    itself will 
    look the same from vendor to vendor, but the plastic hinge clip that connect the key cap to the keyboard will vary from vendor.

  2. Where can i find my laptop model number?

    On Dell and Sony laptops, the model is often located on the plastic panel above the keyboard or on the screen bezel located in the bottom right hand corner, Acer, Asus, Compaq, Gateway, HP,  and Toshiba often will have a sticker on the bottom of the laptop next to either Product or Model.

  3. How can I find the correct hinge clip?

    On the product detail page, and in the section under descriptions there is a chart that shows you the various versions of hinge clips
    used during the production, if your key cap is missing or already removed compare either the exisiting hinge clip or empty space to the 

    chart and choose the key type version that matches with and fill in that info in Step 2 of the ordering process.

  4. I looked through the chart but still not sure, can you help?

    Yes!  Please click on this link or the CONTACT US link on the menu bar, in order to properly indenity the correct key type, it is best for you to send us a picture of your keyboard from 5-6 inches up with the key cap removed, please make sure the picture is clear enough and show the missing key area.


  1. Do you ship international orders?

    Yes. We ship to most country and our international flat rate shipping starts at $3.50 for the entire order.

  2. Can i track my order online?

    Yes. Please click on Order Status and login to check the latest update on your order, order tracking is available for first class mail, priority, and express orders.

  3. How long does it take for delivery?

    It varies with domestic and international shipping, the different shipping method chosen also matters, please see the following shipping policy.

  4. What does your package look like?

    Laptop key kits are very small in size but we want your keys to arrive in perfect condition, we package them in yellow padded envelopes rather than plain envelopes, so look for a 5 x 7 yellow padded envelope in the mail.