The Microsoft Surface started being just a simple tablet with no keyboard option, as users started using it some users complain the need for keyboards as the need to input keys for faster typing or simply some users are still used to typing on a physical keyboard than typing on glass, as the demand increased and popularity of the surface and surface pro and booming main stream, Microsoft introduce a surface keyboard type cover to please its crowd and it was a great design keyboard, the "chicklet" style keys were great to type on and feel felt great, the surface type cover served as a keyboard and a cover to protect the surface of the tablet, then new generation of the surface 3, surface 4, and surface pro 5 now all feature the same great style keyboard, but now they all have backlit keys, we carry the complete lines of the surface, surface book, and surface laptop keyboard key replacement and in different color options, please look at the models below and choose the one that matches your model.


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