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Microsoft Surface is a great tablet and MS created lots of Type Cover keyboards to go with various Surface and Surface Pro models, that is great
and all but it also create a confusion as there are just so many different Type Cover keyboards, we will help you identify the various versions below, follow the Microsoft Surface Type Cover Guide to correctly order the perfect fit and finish Keyboard Key Replacement for your Surface and Surface Pro.


Microsoft Original Type Cover Keyboard Keys

The Original Type Cover Keyboard Keys, This is the very first keyboard that Microsoft came out with for the Surface, the original Type Cover also only comes in Black and is a Non Backlit keyboard, look at the design of the top left corner and you will see the small skinny bar above the keyboards.

These keyboard keys are compatible with Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, and Surface Pro 2

surface cover 2 and surface pro 3 type cover

The Surface Type Cover 2 and Surface Pro 3 Type Cover is the first series of Type Covers to come out with other colors than plain black, notice there is no bar directly above the keys, also notice the F1 and F2 keys are brightness down and brightness up next to the ESC key.

microsoft surface 3 type cover

The Surface 3 Type Cover looks very similar to the Surface 2 Type Cover and Surface Pro 3 Type Cover but instead of F1 & F2 keys being brightness keys they instead are MUTE and PLAY / PAUSE, notice the design cues there is a thicker bar above the keyboard.

Compatible only with Surface.

Surface Type Cover 4

The Surface Type Cover 4 is a very popular keyboard, and its very easy to identify this keyboard from others is to look at the design of the arrow keys, generally there are gaps or space between each letter or keys where as the previous generations do not have space between the keys.

The surface Type Cover 4 is compatible with surface pro 5, 6, 7

signature type cover keyboard key replacement

The signature type cover is the most luxurious of them all, offering various colors and its easy to identify as this model is covered in Alcantara material and comes in Platinum, Cobalt Blue, and Burgundy.

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